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I need my little electronic personal assistants to do calendaring really well. No exceptions. When I switch on my device, I need to see the calendar and fair amount of future events instantly. Not clicking three buttons, or even two, but only one: power or what ever button wakes up the gadget. All this comes up to the real estate of the lock screen as it’s the place what in my gadgets need to have scheduled appointments shown.

I’ve used the iPhone 3GS long time and I’m pretty satisfied customer. Especially I’m really happy with the app-ecosystem that Apple has created as I can span the usage of apps between my iPhone and iPad. I’m even writing the draft of this article with my iPad. But what I’m not happy about the iPhone and especially the Apple IOS is the pair of little things.

Old geek gadgets

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If you are as old geek as I’m you might have used Palm Pilot. That was my first contact to electronic calendaring and note-taking. As I now think back about it, Palm OS kind of looked like the Apple IOS with it little icons sitting on the screen waiting to be pushed and then the application was launched. But as I mentioned the killer application for me on the Palm OS was the calendar. I had used the paper calendar to the point where it made much more sense to start schedule and reschedule all those weekly meetings with Microsoft Outlook organiser and sync them to portable device. And how cool was that instead having only name plus phone number contact details of the early cellphone I carried full address details, recent email conversations and much more.

What is lame in IOS for me

As you already guessed about the lock screen, the lameness in IOS is that it did never use lock screen to show anything actually in useful way. It just sit there and you have to push several buttons to see or activate anything in the iPhone. That’s until one jailbreaks the IOS. That is why I have jailbroken iPhone 3GS. I can have my lock screen fulled with information: calendar, missed calls, new emails and text messages. But if your basic IOS has been altered like updated through iTunes then one needs jailbreak iPhone again.

I had really high hopes for Apple iPhone 4S and IOS 5, because there is “notification center” application which is integrated with lock screen. But I was disappointed, because it only integrates the notifications and nothing more. You have to jailbreak one’s IOS 5 device again to have lock screen useful. That makes me kind of sad and I’m already looking to switch to Android eco-system. We have already two Android phones in the household and it’s tempting to switch my phone to Android.

Question for you

So what do you think, do you want your phone or gadgets to show lot of data on lock screen as I want?