(English) Monday Special: LinkedIn Takes the Stress out, Price Influence Cart Abandonment, Google Analytics Explained (en)

Every Monday I try to publish an article where I give you interesting elsewhere published  links or articles I came across last week. Last week I especially noticed these articles:

How LinkedIn Takes the Stress out of Friendships (http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2011/12/how_linkedin_takes_the_stress.html)

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Harvard Business Review has a nice Alessandro Di Fiore’s article about how LinkedIn can ease your pain on social networks.


Does Price Influence Cart Abandonment? You Better Believe It (http://www.getelastic.com/does-price-influence-cart-abandonment-you-better-believe-it/

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If  you have a shop in the web I really suggest you take a look on this article. This little tip can applied instantly and you can generate a lot more revenue with not dropped shopping carts. Article writes about recent findings by Seewhy.com, which analyzed 264,631 abandoned carts and found a very strong relationship between the dollar value of abandoned shopping carts and abandonment rate.

Author Blogging 101: Blog Analytics (http://www.thebookdesigner.com/2011/12/author-blogging-101-blog-analytics)

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The Book Designer blog has a pretty good and simple article by Joel Friedlander about the Google Analytics. Article gives a good overview and explains some of the most useful of  Google Analytics. Nice to have this kind of 101 articles about complex subjects as analyzing website data.