(English) Monday Special: Health and Inequality, Portugal next Greece, Google Guessing Your Age (en)

Every Monday I try to publish an article where I give you interesting elsewhere published  links or articles I came across last week. Last week I especially noticed these this time more economy related articles:

Economist’s profile: Gabriella Conti about Health and Inequality (http://faz-community.faz.net/blogs/fazit/archive/2012/01/28/economist-s-profile-gabriella-conti-about-health-and-inequality.aspx)

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Patrick Bernau from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes about Gabriella Conti and her ideas about Health and Inequality. They are a bit unconventional – check the video!

On how Portugal is the next Greece (http://www.creditwritedowns.com/2012/01/portugal-greece-comparison.html)

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Marc Chandler writes his opinion about Portugal and why he thinks that Portugal can face serious trouble during year 2012.

Does Google Accurately Guess Your Age and Gender? (http://www.slate.com/…)

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Ars Technica’s Casey Johnston has started a fun new game: find out what Google guesses is your age and gender. These “inferred demographics” are based on the websites you visit. Metrics are then used for advertising purposes. You might sometimes think that Google is all-knowing, but even the search giant can get it wrong and does it ever get its “inferred demographics” wrong.


Ja kuten aina (in Finnish)

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