(English) Looking Back: the Year 2011 in the Blog (en)

Niko Paulanne Photography
Image by NikoPaulanne via Flickr

It was a really interesting year 2011 to write articles about the things happening in the world. It was so exciting, because there were much going on the business, economy, technology.  Actually there was so much going on that I struggled to figure out what I really wanted to blog about. But as I kept writing I had more and more clear on focussing helping small business owners to navigate this big world of opportunities. I settled with the nerdish side of me that by also blogging about technology I’m using will also help fellow entrepreneurs. That is, as small business owner by myself I usually use open source, free or reasonably priced services and technology. It is always easy to spend big money to services without research, but in my opinion the smart spending is the key to success.

The Changes in the Blog

Image by NikoPaulanne via Flickr

The year 2011 brought changes into the blog itself and those changes were quite large. The first and the most noticeable thing was that my father moved the blog ownership to me. My father Jukka Paulanne has been the hero of my life especially I think about small business consulting. My father has over 30 years experience in the small business ventures – successes and learned lessons of failures.

As I started to switch-over I also changed the blogging platform. The old blog run on the Joomla platform and I changed it to the WordPress. I have worked with the Joomla and WordPress installations long time, but I’ve started to like more and more WordPress. WordPress has its limitations, especially in multilingual blog, but it has matured to really nice publishing platform.

The major change was also that I started to blog majorly in English. The reason for switching from almost pure Finnish blog to English one was that I wanted to reach more small business entrepreneurs with same kind of problems as I was facing. Before the switch I conducted the survey about the blog language on my business tips Facebook-page written mainly in Finnish. The results indicated that my readers are happy with any of suggested language.

The Things Blogged the Year 2011

You the readers make the blog worthwhile to write. As I look back the statistics of the Pienyrityskonsulti.fi -blog you especially liked to read Finnish written article “6 erilaista pienyrityksen CRM-ratkaisuvaihtoehtoa” in the year 2011 and the second most read article was one of my Monday Special articles written in Finnish “Mielenkiintoisia artikkeleita muualla: Google+, holodesk, superkontaktoija”.

The most fun article to write in my opinion in the year 2011 was “Why Apple iPhone 4S is lame”. Originally I was about to write only things I need from my electronics gadgets, but the article turned out to a rant about iPhone IOS and the shortcomings of that closed platform. Funny how articles get their own life when you start to write.

Conclusion – and the Year 2012

My prediction for the year 2012 is that this year will also have a lot of things going on business, economy and technology. But I’m ready for that and promise to write all those things I stumble upon and like about!