(English) 3 Easy Steps to More Succesful Client Meeting (en)

Thin Client
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Friend of mine shared an interesting Youtube-video today. It got me thinking about how my vision about client meetings has changed from the early years in the business.  Check out the video and after that my thoughts about how you can be more succesful in the client meetings.


The Meeting Mindset of a Rookie

When I was a rookie in the business, my vision was that all I need is to have a massive amount of knowledge.  If I have the knowledge of the stuff I sell, then the client would buy just straight way my stuff. But knowing the facts about the product or service is irrelevant if you do not know what the client wants to buy. Sales focus should always be on the client.  Not on me or the product, just focus purely on the client.

Three Easy Steps to Make You More Succesful on The Client Meetings

So how do you make those deals more likely to happen? Here is three simple steps to make you more succesful on the client meetings.

Step 1 – Be Ready to the Client Meeting

This is so obvious step that you sometimes ignore it and that is when you lose deals. Things you should consider on your preparations:

  1. You have to check your marketing material every time you leave to client meeting. Do you have everything needed with you?
  2. The good preparation should always contain double-check client or prospect details shared with you: about what service or product the client wants to know more about ?
  3. Is there former deals done with the client?
  4. Who was responsible for former deal and can he or she give more info about the client?
  5. It’s also useful to check out the website of the client and their most recent news releases. That knowledge can give you more insight about what else client might want.

Step 2 – Leave Your Elevator Sales Speech and Concentrate Only to Help the Client

To be able  to do 30 second elevator sales speech is very good thing to have. But when you are going to client meeting, you have more than 30 seconds to impress client. In the client meeting is the need for less sales speeches and is a lot more need for sales listening. A good rule of thumb is that in the one hour meeting you should talk around 15-25%  of the time and the client should tell their worries the major part of the meeting. As you have prepared properly to the client meeting, you have lot’s of questions to ask.  And that way you have lot’s of answers listen to and write down.

Good way to listen to the client is to try to help her on her problems. More you focus on helping and listening, the more easy it will be you to sell. In fact if you concentrate solely on the helping, you actually do not have to sell at all. The client will want more and more of your help and the solution is your products or services. This “helping only and not selling” approach is powerful especially on the service business.

Step 3 – Wrap Up with Summarizing Discussion

One of the most effective ending for the client meeting is to summarize discussion with the client. All you need to do is to read aloud the things you have written down. This shows to the client that you have focused really hard on the client and his or her problems. But as we all know, when communicating with each other, there is always misinterpretations. Reading aloud the answers gives the client the chance to correct or add things to your interpretation of the answers.

Hope you liked these three simple steps to make you more succesful on the client meetings. If you have your own tips for succesful client meetings, please share them on the comments below!